The Association is non-profit and its social purpose is the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the artistic, cultural, and monumental heritage owned by the Parish "Santi Pietro e Paolo" in Castiglione di Sicilia.

Association Museum of Saints Peter and Paul in Castiglione di Sicilia.

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+39 094 29 84 058

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Purpose of the association

The Association is non-profit and aims to protect, preserve, and enhance the artistic, cultural, and monumental heritage owned by the Parish of "Santi Pietro e Paolo" in Castiglione di Sicilia for the animation and cultural education of the Christian community and society, in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Enhance cultural assets and activities

to increase the attractiveness of the territory

Empowering production chains

within the territory of the Diocese of Acireale, connected to the heritage and cultural production and support innovative management processes of cultural resources

Developing cultural services for the territory and artistic and artisanal production

Documentation, communication, and promotion, etc., working in the field of contemporary art and architecture through the promotion, technological adaptation, and setting up of structures aimed at the conservation, exhibition, and representation of contemporary artistic content, the setting up of multimedia rooms for educational and research purposes, as well as the organization of events and exhibitions dedicated to raising awareness, dissemination, and promotion of original artistic expressions (not already protected under law n. 633/1941) of contemporary art and architecture.

Developing innovative management processes for assets, activities, and services

integrated for the enjoyment and enhancement of contemporary cultural heritage through the promotion of interventions to qualify and diversify innovative services for the enhancement and enjoyment of specific sites of Sicilian contemporary cultural heritage


The Association, for this purpose, aims to:


Management of museums, libraries, and historical archives


Development of integrated tour itineraries


Promotion and management of cultural itineraries and related hiking packages


The Museum

What is a "Religious" Museum?

It is a current debate to combine a museum as a place of conservation, safeguarding, and enjoyment of historical-artistic treasures, intended as a testimony of human passage through time and space, and faith, religion, tradition. What is kept in a religious museum is still in use (e.g. chalices or sacred vestments) and yet, as they are testimonies of the past, they are preserved to pass them on and keep them. A dynamic Museum that tells not only the history of a people, but the faith. Every object that is seen is not dead or final in itself, but tells the faith and becomes a vehicle of faith, catechesis.

The Parish Museum of Castiglione di Sicilia wants to tell through artworks its history of faith, crossed by time and the mastery of artists, who have delivered to us testimonies of faith and beauty, which still have a lot to say even today after centuries. Therefore, it is not about exhibiting dead artworks, but about narrating a lived experience that certainly belongs to the past, but is still current, because it is animated by the same faith that has been supporting the Christian community for over two millennia. Everything that is seen in our museum is still used on various occasions today.




Mother Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Church of St. Anthony the Abbot

with the ancient Norman Tower

located on the homonymous square just a few meters from the Church of San Pietro. Inside, you can admire a marble inlay that is more unique than rare. It is also accessible to people with disabilities with the ramps provided.

then transformed into a bell tower. It is possible to visit the ancient "bell ringer's rooms," breathing in past emotions. The tour also includes a visit to the bell tower.


Basilica San Giacomo

Former Church of San Giuseppe

Madonna della Catena

Located in Piazza S. Martino in the central and lower part of the Borgo. In the spaces of the former Church, there is an information point and tourist reception where you can purchase QR tickets for visiting the sites.

Monumental and majestic next to the ancient Castle of Lauria. Center of the religious life of the town. The Statue of Madonna della Catena, made of marble from the Gagini school, presides over the main altar of the Church. 


The silverware

The silver section, rich in furnishings, has been arranged to narrate the value of the Eucharistic Worship and devotion to Our Lady of the Chain and the Saints. The silver craftsmanship of Messina, but also that of Catania, prevails the brightness of the objects. Sanctity of the faithful's life emerges from the Eucharist, made visible through the presence of numerous reliquaries, some of which are even more precious due to the presence of the saint's relic. Of particular value is the silver reliquary bust of Saint Peter the Apostle.


The sacred vestments

Silk weaves, polychrome or golden embroideries, finishing decorations, and trimmings define the preciousness of the fabrics destined to clothe man with sacredness, who, acting in persona Christi, makes eternity present in history. An encounter between heaven and earth that perpetuates through the centuries; a presence signified by sacred vestments that speak to us of the visibility of the invisible God; colors that mark time and shroud it in mystery.


Books and Documents

The Vallidicanense Library tells the story of the printed book from 1400 onwards and that of the archivist. A very rich collection of extraordinary Liturgical Books. Some of these books and documents are exhibited in the former Church of San Giuseppe.


Ex Voto and Wreaths

The display case dedicated to Marian ex-voto houses a collection of jewelry dating back to the period between the 17th and 20th centuries. These are precious jewels belonging to the rightful owners, donated to the Madonna as a thanksgiving for the grace received, precisely due to their significant emotional value. 


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